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Internet fiesta on the way


The positive aspects of Internet use, along with other features of Information, Communication and Technology will be on display when the first ever Internet Fiesta takes place here in about one month’s time.{{more}}

The event, scheduled for May 18th to 23rd at the International Aquatic Club in Villa, is expected to bring out individuals and companies involved in online services, including Internet service providers, web designers, computer and accessories sales.

Coordinator of the event Sehon Marshall said that the main feature of the fiesta is to bring awareness to the general public of the benefits that can be derived from proper Internet use.

“Most people see the Internet for the negative aspects or just for the games or other fun features, but useful and positive things can be gained by using the Internet.

“For example, the Internet can be used for banking and also making cheaper and free phone calls to regional and international countries.”

“Once used properly, technology can reduce cost and increase efficiency and improve the lives of all.”

Marshall, the Managing Director of Institute SVG, indicated that persons attending the fiesta will be exposed to, among other things, a “You’ve Got Mail” day, “My Website” day, and a live link up with a presenter in Canada, who will be delivering a lecture to the audience here.

The project is just one of the many to be undertaken by the ICT Development Program, funded by the European Union.(JJ)