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EHC to hold training sessions with pastors

EHC to hold training sessions with pastors


SVG is to benefit from an ‘Every Home for Christ’ (EHC) Crusade and training programme – thanks to a vision had by the wife of EHC board member John Spencer. Hosted by the Association of Evangelical Churches (AEC), this crusade aims to “…serve the Church to reach every home…with the Gospel.” AEC President Pastor Kenny A. Lewis took the opportunity to announce this at a press conference last Friday.{{more}}

Visiting EHC representatives Richard Smith, John Spencer and Albert Cattouse conducted training sessions for evangelical pastors throughout the weekend in Kingstown, Chateaubelair and Georgetown. Of the 160 member churches of the AEC, nearly 60 churches participated in this venture. Smith described this training as an aid that would “…take away the fear of going door to door to evangelise.” Despite these training sessions being geared towards Church leaders, Smith explained that there would be a second training programme later in the year that will be open to all church members from all denominations.

In the lead up to the crusade, which will be held at the Victoria Park on August 10th, 2008, church representatives will be visiting homes all over St. Vincent & the Grenadines to spread the Gospel. They will be distributing ‘Go Pack’ backpacks filled with Christian literature and other paraphernalia. AEC Secretary Lennox Dennie acknowledged that, due to other commitments, people lead much busier lives, and it is more difficult to amass large numbers of people. He appealed to the nation to take the time out to attend the crusade, as there is strength in numbers. Pastor Lewis recognized that some would question the need for another when there had been a ‘SVG for Christ’ Crusade in 2007 and the Billy Graham crusade in 2004. Lewis explained that crusades are important because they are an effective way of reaching the masses. Furthermore, having Christ in your heart is the foundation of a better society.

Every Home for Christ was founded in 1946, with the aim of spreading the word of the Gospel to every corner of the globe. EHC board member John Spencer affirmed that the EHC is determined to abate the global hunger for God that is present today. Spencer declared: “I personally don’t think it’s by accident that the originals (indigenous peoples) called it (SVG) the land of the blessed.” He further added that the time for receiving that said blessing is now. (JSV)