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Cable and Wireless Staff undergo Fire Training

Cable and Wireless Staff undergo Fire Training



Cable and Wireless, official sponsor of Vincy Mas 2008, this week held Fire Safety Training for members of its staff. Cable and Wireless, which also launched its “Meet the Customer” programme last week, continues in its quest to improve the quality of customer service and improve the health and safety practices within the company.{{more}}

VP Human Resources Sandra Matthews emphasized the importance of Health and Safety in the company. “Cable and Wireless is always trying to keep all of its staff members as prepared as possible for any emergency event. We take safety very important as we not only have over 130 employees’ lives at stake but also the lives and wellness of our valued customers. The company also boasts a Crisis Management team which is headed by the Business Continuity Manager, Haniff Sutherland.”

The training was conducted by ASP Joseph Jack of the St. Vincent & the Grenadines Police Force Fire Department. Jack highlighted to the group the necessity of an efficient and effective evacuation plan, as well as the correct usage and storage of fire extinguishers.