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Basil donates EC$8,000 to Cool Riderz Motorcycle Club

Basil donates EC$8,000 to Cool Riderz Motorcycle Club


Basil Charles, of Basil’s Bar Mustique, handed over a cheque valued at $8000 to members of the Cool Riderz Club. This was made possible following a request for assistance by Leroy ‘Fly’ Edwards, in support of training sessions which the club embarked on from February at the Duncan Punnett Park at Pembroke.{{more}}

Club members felt that the time had come to increase the numbers and skill of Moto Cross riders to be able to compete effectively at Moto Cross. This initiative targeted club members only; however, other interested persons approached the club to be part of the activity. To date, there are 25 persons registered in the program.

Based on the response, it became apparent that more bikes would be needed. In addition, the limited number of bikes and the demands of constant use, especially on the Moto Cross track, resulted in the need for more frequent service and parts replacement. These concerns were discussed with Charles. His immediate response was: “I am always willing to provide assistance to the youth, especially where it results in improved discipline.”