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Banana farmers break protocol


Some banana farmers who have gone against the protocols for the replanting of fields affected by Moko will soon be hearing from the Ministry of Agriculture.{{more}}

This is in response to concerns expressed by Agriculture Minister Montgomery Daniel last Monday who indicated that it was brought to his attention that some farmers who have already been compensated for the destruction of their fields affected by the Moko Disease outbreak last June are now breaking the Plant Protection Act, replanting in the same area in less than the 18 month period set out in the replanting protocol. This he stated is defeating the efforts of the Management and Control Programme now being administered at tremendous cost by his ministry.

“Some farmers have been reported in less than 6 months to have gone back to that same parcel of land and have begun replanting banana and plantains. I want to say to the general public that this practice is wrong. We want to ask such farmers to stop or cease immediately the replanting of bananas and plantains or any other musa specie that will be a host to the bacterial that will continue to have the Moko Disease on your farm”.

The Ministry of Agriculture will, therefore, be writing those farmers, then move on to these farms to eradicate all plants at the cost of the farmers.

“The Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries will spare no effort in ensuring that protocols required for the control of the programme will be maintained and adhered to over the period as required under the Plant Protection Act.”

Fields affected by the Moko Disease are completely destroyed and cannot be replanted within 18 months with any crops that will act as host of the disease-causing organism. However, there are some crops that can be planted after a 4 month break.