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Welcome St. Vincent’s newest Chef

Welcome St. Vincent’s newest Chef


Sharon Scholastic DeCaul, employed in Mustique, is St. Vincent’s newest and probably the most well-rounded Chef on the scene. As a young child attending the Lowmans Windward Anglican and North Union Secondary schools, Sharon was always interested in the preparation of foods. Her twelve year service in Mustique served as the impetus that propelled her into the world of the Culinary Arts.{{more}}

In 2006, Sharon attended the prestigious and world renowned French Culinary Institute of New York in Manhattan, U.S.A., at much personal sacrifice, as she was adamant that only the best would do for her. She graduated with top honours and with a Diploma in the Culinary Arts and was elected Valedictorian of the Class of 2006. Bursting with new confidence and with the knowledge that she could go much further, she returned to the Institute in 2007 to pursue her Diploma in Classic Pastry Arts and was again heaped with numerous accolades, chief of these being elected ‘the most valuable team member’ and two other outstanding awards for perfect attendance.

DeCaul now holds the distinction of being a fully qualified Culinary Arts and Pastry Chef, A Wine Taster, and holds Diplomas in Cutiviteur (meat cutting), Artisanal Baking and has earned herself a Licence as Hotel and Restaurant Sanitation Inspector.

Having worked with a number of top-class Chefs during her sojourn at the Institute, and having her preparations described by one Instructor as ‘actually tasting the Caribbean’, Sharon, not surprisingly, received several offers of employment at some of the most famous Restaurants in New York. She, however, opted to return to her beloved St. Vincent and the Grenadines and remains committed to her Employer John Trafford of Casa Dalla Valle in Mustique who afforded her the opportunity by granting her leave to pursue her studies.

She has attributed her success to her faith in God and the support and encouragement of several persons, foremost being her close friend Len Davis, of Bequia, and other relatives and friends in St. Vincent and New York. To Doug and Dorothy Hamilton of the Institute, she owes a debt of gratitude for their generous assistance and for providing her with accommodation whilst in New York. She is also thankful to the Mustique Company and the Staff of Casa Dalla Valle for the motivation to pursue her dreams.

Sharon’s goals for the future…to continue reaching for the stars, to invent and prepare new culinary delights and to make a name for St. Vincent and the Grenadines.