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Scott wants answers

Scott wants answers


While not blaming them for his wife’s death, a grieving husband says that his wife got shoddy and downright disrespectful treatment from hospital workers before she died.{{more}}

Eve Scott died last Sunday, April 13th, from complications associated with her four-month old pregnancy, shortly after she was rushed to the hospital.

But it is the hours leading up to her death that truly trouble her husband of 10 years, Bernard Scott.

It was around 6 a.m. that Eve started to cry out in pain.

“She said that she feel like the baby moved,” Bernard said.

He told SEARCHLIGHT, however, that the discomfort died down until around 3 p.m., when the pain returned, more intensely than before.

“She was in a lot of pain and she couldn’t move,” Bernard explained.

He said that he called the hospital and asked that an ambulance be sent to their Glen home for his wife.

“The nurse told me that the ambulance gone Leeward and she asked if I couldn’t get a car and bring her down,” Bernard said.

He said that he explained to the nurse that he was living some distance in from the road, and because his wife could not move, she would need a stretcher.

Bernard added that he had a second conversation with the nurse, who asked him again to bring his wife down, and he again explained the situation, and stressed the need for a stretcher.

So what happened next, Bernard explained, shocked and upset him.

The ambulance did come, but when the attendants reached his home no stretcher was in sight.

“I couldn’t believe that after telling them how she was, they came without a stretcher,” Bernard said.

All ambulances are equipped with a stretcher, SEARCHLIGHT understands.

Bernard said that he was forced to insist that his wife try to make it up so that he could help her out the road.

She tried, but couldn’t.

So as her life drained from her, the 30-year-old cook, who was pregnant with her first child, had to be transported to the ambulance on a piece of plywood, her husband says.

“I am so disappointed. I mean, based on what the doctors said, she would have died anyhow, but still, they should have treated her better than that,” Bernard said.

He also claims that an ambulance driver refused to help his wife into a wheel chair when asked to do so, and that his wife fell while in the ambulance attendant’s care.

These claims he said were made by his mother-in-law, who rode in the ambulance with Eve, while he followed behind.

Meanwhile, Head of the Accident and Emergency Department at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, Dr Simone Keizer said that Scott should write a letter to the hospital administration if he has complaints about the treatment his wife received.

“If he does make a complaint, I am certain that it will be investigated thoroughly,” Dr Keizer said.

Eve will be buried at the Fountain cemetery next Saturday, April 26th, following a service at the Belair New Testament church.

At the time of her death, she was a cook at the Sunrise Restaurant.(KJ)