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RJR goes online!

RJR goes online!


At a sponsors’ briefing held on Monday this week at the Digicel Corporate office, RJR met with sponsors to update them on progress being made with their jouvert production this year, “Digicel Red Dawn – Nu Vibe!{{more}}

PRO of RJR Jeremiah Howard thanked Digicel for stepping up to the role of Platinum Sponsor this year, and also corporate partners White Oak, Carib and St. Vincent Building and Loan for their continued loyalty to RJR and Jouvert.

Marketing Director Roger Adams announced the launch of the website, which is intended to be used as a one-stop carnival portal for persons wishing to get information on Vincy Mas.

Brand Manager Ricky Adams also introduced the new corporate brand, designed to reflect a more executive image for the RJR’s expanded range of activities.

RJR and their sponsors will also be partnering with Xcape Restaurant and Lounge to host a series of events as part of the buildup to Vincy Mas’ 08, the first of which will be held on Wednesday, 30 April.

A full press conference detailing the Vincy Mas program will be held in the next few days, so stay tuned for your opportunity to have “A whole lot of clean fun!”