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Maule: ‘Do not give into peer pressure’

Maule: ‘Do not give into peer pressure’


“Do not allow your life to be selected by the drum beat of others. Side line those who drift with the tide”. This advice was given by businessman Monty Maule as he addressed participants at a Youth Development and Health Awareness Workshop organized by the St Vincent Planned Parenthood Association at the Anglican Pastoral Centre last week Tuesday.{{more}}

Maule told the youths that they must plan their lives and “not simply dance to the music”. “Plan your journey through life and let your blueprint reflect who you are,” he continued.

The Methodist Local Preacher advised the participants that even though our world is in disarray, and selfishness, greed, evil and corruption are the order of the day, there is still hope for a better tomorrow for all of us.

He emphasized to the youths that they are “a significant part of that hope”. Maule explained that they were created by God for a unique and specific purpose in life and they must at all times “be yourself and not allow peer pressure and others to dictate who you should be.” He went on by saying that “peer pressure is a source of great academic and moral casualties,” and urged the participants to follow the pattern of those who would inspire and challenge them to bring out their best qualities.

Maule further advised participants not to allow politics and politicians to “blur your vision of the world, who you are and where you want to go”. He continued by saying that the politicians of today are not the “best examples that we have in public life.”

Verlene Saunders, Executive Director of the St Vincent Planned Parenthood Association, while delivering the welcoming remarks, said her organization has found that many young persons are “void of the facts on social issues which affect their daily lives”. Her organization is, therefore, putting plans in place to ensure that youths are informed and empowered to make wise choices. She said that she hopes that the workshop will be the beginning of building a more positive society in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

The workshop was funded by the Canadian International Development Agency and the Caribbean Family Planning Affiliation, and ran over a three-day period.

Topics such as anger management, life skills, goal setting, teenage pregnancy and sexual reproduction were covered.