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Distance training for Adult Educators


Over next eight months, a total of twenty Adult Educators here in St Vincent and the Grenadines will be engaged in distance studies from the Faculty of Education and Liberal Studies at the University of Technology (UTECH).{{more}}

On Monday at the Haddon Hotel, the Ministry of Education and the Education Project Management Unit (EPMU) held an opening ceremony for an Education Training Programme for Adult Educators.

Project Manager Chester James said the programme is the first of its kind and it represents the concrete commitment of the Government of this country. James told the small gathering that the programme is one of the several initiatives aimed primarily at three objectives with special emphasis placed on Special Education, improving Adult and Continuing Education and developing the early childhood education sector. Speaking to SEARCHLIIGHT, James said that the Ministry is excited about the programme and that it is one which responds to the needs of the country whilst improving the use of technology.

James added that the main aim of the program, funded by the European Development Fund for $200,000, is geared towards improving the quality and relevance of Adult Education service and delivery.

Vincentian born and UTECH representative, Anita Thomas James underscored the importance of the Educators taking the course seriously since it would entail online interaction which, she said requires much discipline. James said that a certificate in Adult and Continuing Education will be awarded to the Educators at the end of the eight-month course.

James said the course will be delivered in five modules. She further stated that each module will be introduced during face-to-face classes facilitated by UTECH personnel who will come from Jamaica.

Delivering remarks on behalf of the Ministry and the Minister of Education, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education Laura Browne said that is heartening that persons are taking up the opportunity to pursue short courses, whether it be for their own enjoyment or enrichment. Browne said that the programme will take the form of workshops, an attachment to businesses and industries. She urged the participants to take full grasp of the opportunity they have been given and use their acquired knowledge at the end of the eight months to improve Adult Education here in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

European Union Technical Assistance Team Leader Rosalind McGinley also delivered brief remarks at the ceremony. (KW)