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C&W rewards students



Cable & Wireless, the leading telecommunications provider in St Vincent and the Grenadines, continues to lift the bar as it teams up with the Ministry of Education to reward students who excelled in the Common Entrance and CSEC examinations in May and June 2007.{{more}}

At 1 pm today, the prestigious ceremony will kick off at the Methodist Church Hall in Kingstown and this year marks three (3) years since Cable and Wireless and the Ministry of Education are partnering to celebrate with the students, teachers and parents who have worked hard during the year to prepare themselves for these examinations.

The ceremony will hear addresses from senior officials in the Ministry of Education, other government officials and Chief Executive of Cable & Wireless, Angus Steele.

“Cable and Wireless have always been associated with celebrating excellence, since this fits into our culture of providing excellent products and services to our valued customers. We continue to work with the youth to develop them through public speaking, drama, internet summer school and now we are celebrating excellence as well. We believe that education is the main vehicle to take our people out of poverty and a tremendous empowerment tool. These students have done well in their examinations and we are proud to be supportive of this worthwhile venture.

The Ministry of Education can rest assured that we will continue to support the youth”, said Angus Steele, Chief Executive of Cable and Wireless.

Susan Dougan, Chief Education Officer, commented “Our corporate partner, Cable and Wireless, continues to set the trend in rewarding excellence and show confidence in our young people.

“We know of their work in the other areas of the education thrust and overall Education Revolution embarked upon by the present Government and we truly appreciate the thoughtfulness of the management and staff of Cable and Wireless for its sponsorship of this awards ceremony,” said Mrs. Susan Dougan, Chief Education Officer.