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C&W in face to face with customers



Cable & Wireless, a telecommunications provider in St Vincent and the Grenadines, intends to lead the way to better the customer’s experience. On Monday, April 14th, the top management of the company took time off to meet its valued customers at various touch points of the business.{{more}}

According Franklyn Frazer, Vice President Customer Services and champion of the ‘Meet the customer’ initiative, “The objective of this program is all about getting closer to our customers. We are setting out to do this in many ways. For example, Customers will get the opportunity to talk to us less formally. All colleagues will be given the opportunity to visit selected Customer touch points and experience the service delivery process. Colleagues who would not normally work in the front line will be invited to “come out” and meet the customers in person and, among other things, all colleagues will get the opportunity to experience and understand the work of our customer-facing colleagues and the challenges they face.

“This programme is just another example whereby we CHANGE the way we do certain things, with the objective of improving the Customer Experience, and also it will help us to continuously improve our processes,” said Daphne Dean-de Shong, Customer Service Manager.

“Go out and meet the customer. It’s fun. Share the experience. Let’s improve!”

That was the advice given to all staff by Chief Executive Angus Steele.