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CCLSVG clamping down on Piracy


The Caribbean Copyright Link (CCLSVG) Steering Committee, which has been meeting weekly since March 23, 2008, will be focusing attention on preventing piracy for this Carnival Season and beyond.{{more}}

The Committee, which is mandated with doing the ground work for the establishment of a local music collection agency of CCL, in conjunction with the other OECS territories, has decided to carry out an anti piracy campaign beginning with meeting the stakeholders in the local music industry. Courtesy calls throughout the month of May will complement the music jingle campaign to sensitise the public to issues relating to copyright, protection of intellectual property and what this means to consumers of music and the public at large.

The committee understands and realises that, given the extent of financial losses felt by Artistes and Producers and those involved in music production, piracy undoubtedly cuts into their bottom line and greatly reduces their ability to profit financially from their creative efforts.This is true year round, but the problem is particularly acute over the carnival season.

During Vincy Mas, one of the most creatively productive times of the year, efforts will be doubled and redoubled to ensure that the public understands the issues concerning copyright protection, that the police work to prosecute offenders under the Copyright Act and that we encourage the appreciation of vincy culture and creative expression as we continue our move towards protection of music and the further development of the local and regional music industry.