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St. Joseph’s Convent Young Leaders visit Thompson Home


On 31st March, 2008, the St. Joseph Convent Kingstown Young Leaders visited the senior citizens institution, Thompson Home for the Elderly, as a part of our project based on bridging the gap between the young and the elderly.{{more}}

It was of great pleasure to see their warm, welcoming faces. There we interacted and bonded with both workers and residents, by helping to distribute snacks to the elderly, read stories, and sing with them.

We listened attentively while they shared some of their life experiences with us. We were introduced to the man who celebrated his 100th birthday on Friday, 28th March, 2008. He told us about his experience in Grenada, being trapped in Hurricane Ivan. “My roof blow off and rain was coming in, but then my son came to get me and after he took me to St. Vincent,” he said.

There, we were advised to keep our faith and trust in God and also to stay in school. We were also warned against being fooled by the attractiveness of having relationships with young men at this our tender age. We were told of how different it is today than it was when they were younger. The behaviour of the current generation of young ladies is disappointing. When they were younger, youths, in general, had more respect for people. We learnt the value of the elderly in our lives and learnt things that can guide us for tomorrow.