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Sir James: Digicel is Number one!

Sir James: Digicel is Number one!



Digicel, the fast growing mobile telecommunications provider in the Caribbean, is the mobile provider of choice of former Prime Minister, Sir James Mitchell.{{more}}

Sir James, who was taking in the Easter sailing activities on the Grenadine Island of Bequia, was also seen chatting away on his Digicel handset and admitted at the end of his phone conversation that he was extremely pleased with the technological services of the company, which he said helps to keep him in touch with everyone.

The former Prime Minister, who is also a life long member of the Bequia Sailing Club, described Digicel as “a generous corporation” and expressed how pleased he was with the sponsorship made by Digicel towards the Easter Sailing activities.

Admitting that he had also been the recipient of Digicel’s kindness, Sir James mentioned that Digicel’s headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, made a contribution to the funding of his book: “Beyond the Islands”.

He also wished the company continued success and thanked them for making communicating much cheaper for Vincentians.