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National council recommended

National council recommended


The formation of a national council to manage the affairs of the various sites identified for tourism development has been recommended by community leaders involved in a one day workshop.{{more}}

The workshop, which took place recently at the Catholic Pastoral Centre in Edinboro, saw six community groups meeting to discuss issues pertaining to the more than thirty sites, beaches and beautification plots around St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The groups believe that a national organization will be beneficial to the projects, since it will facilitate joint marketing, purchasing, research and lobbying for the sites, on rural and national issues.

Participants at the workshop also dealt with problems affecting the sites and how they can be tackled.

Recommendations were also made on ways to make these sites more attractive to tourists as well as locals. These areas include the falls of Baleine, Dark View and Trinity, Owia and Black Point recreational sites, Vermont, Soufriere Leeward and Windward trails, and the Layou Petroglyphs.

The European Union sponsored project got started in 2007 and is expected to run until next year. (JJ)