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Friends: Sidewalk lime is never gonna be the same

Friends: Sidewalk lime is never gonna be the same


“As the reality of the times take hold, we come to terms with the sadness we bear- missing the times we’re never gonna share…”

Dancehall singer Sean Paul may have expressed the feelings of the friends of Fitzroy “Poison” Browne on his passing.{{more}}

The sidewalk outside Tony’s Pizzeria was adorned with candles and flowers, and passers-by stopped to take a look at a photo that showed the deceased in happier times.

Poison’s friends gathered at their usual location to reminisce about him, and take time out to speak to Searchlight Newspaper about their ‘Fallen Soldier.’

‘Tiba’, a friend from way back, describes the 32-year-old Browne as an ambitious, fun loving person who always made others laugh.

“He always like to have fun. Poison never had any problems with anyone.”

He said that his friend was never a troublemaker and never expected his life to come to an end the way it did.

Lamar, another friend, instilled the point that neither he, the deceased, nor any of the guys who hang out at the gallery, usually drinking from the small ice box that is posted up on the sidewalk, were gang members.

“It just because he do his own thing, people get jealous.”

The friends recall seeing Poison just hours before he died.

“I saw him in the morning and the last thing he said to me was ‘we is we,’” Lamar recalled.

“Somebody called me later and tell me they kill him.”

Tiba recalled being with Poison at The Lime at Heritage Square just before he left to go home to his mother and girlfriend.

“When I hear he get stabbed, I rushed to the hospital. I was there to hold his hand before he died.”

“I can’t believe he gone, but we have to be here for him.”

The friends intend to continue liming at their favorite spot in memory of their friend, who they believe will always be with them, although he will be surely missed.

A quote posted on the wall behind where he used to sit reads: “Poison still here. He will always live on.” (JJ)