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“De Revellers” are back!

“De Revellers” are back!


Following their hugely enjoyable entry into Vincy Mas in 2007, “De Revellers”, are excited to announce their return for Vincy Mas 2008. As they did last year, De Revellers will be presenting two all-inclusive sections titled “Satellites” and “Party Angels” with this year’s Blondie Bird and Friends’ presentation “Party In Space”.{{more}}

This year, in addition to the main band sponsors, the two sections are also partnered with Adams Office Centre, Haydock Insurances, Yannis Sail, Correia’s Hard Power, St Vincent Building and Loan Association, Flick, and Digicel.

Details on De Revellers all-inclusive sections, as well as the other Party In Space sections, contact information, sponsors’ information, news about the band, and links to other carnival related websites can be found on the website at