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CWSA holds customer appreciation day

CWSA holds customer appreciation day


The Central Water and Sewerage Authority showed their gratitude to customers when they celebrated customer appreciation day on Monday.{{more}}

The day, which was held at the CWSA headquarters, was organized to show appreciation to all customers for their “patience and understanding during times when we needed support and understanding,” said Garth Saunders, General Manager of the CWSA.

He said as a utility company, they are always faced with “disruptions and interruptions” in their supply systems, but they have to find ways “to deal with these interruptions and to restore the systems and supplies as quickly as possible”. He continued by saying that CWSA is “committed to doing their repairs in an efficient and effective manner and (to) improve our response time”.

Saunders made mention of several waste diversion products that the solid waste unit has implemented. This he said was done because “the land fills have an infinite life”. The products include compost, charcoal and wood chips.

The day was also used to mark the official launch of the company’s website ( IT Manager Melissa Joshua said that the site is geared towards making “sufficient information available about water and solid waste management services and products for their customers”. She encouraged schools and the general public to use the site to educate themselves on water and solid waste practices in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Chairperson and Public Relations Officer Joan Ryan said that CWSA is putting “systems and structures in place to improve the services they provide for customers.” She said that they don’t want to become complacent and start thinking because they are a monopoly, their services can dwindle.”

Ten of CWSA largest customers were presented with plaques and tokens of appreciation.(VM)