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Scotiabank launches magna credit card

Scotiabank launches magna credit card


The act of ‘double dipping’ is not looked upon favorably when it comes to eating, but when one of the country’s leading financial institutions teams up with the region’s top points rewards program, consumers are encouraged to enjoy a feast of benefits.{{more}}

With the introduction of the new Scotiabank MAGNA MasterCard credit card, customers holding the MAGNA Rewards Card can use them both and receive points when making purchases.

At Tuesday’s launch of the latest of the bank’s credit cards, Scotiabank Country Manager Stephen Vickery indicated to the small gathering that his bank’s newest venture is another way of enhancing the customers’ banking experience, whether at a branch or at a store check out counter.

Vickery told the other MAGNA card partners and the media that his bank is excited about the launch, and hopes the more than ten thousand points card holders would see it fit to apply for the MAGNA credit card.

With the new credit card, holders receive points every time they swipe, and when used with the points rewards card at one of the six partners, the amount doubles.

General Manager of MAGNA Trevor Clarke called the move a great opportunity for customers to maximize their points with every use, and indicated that more partners are expected to come on board in the near future.

The Scotiabank MAGNA Mastercard credit card has already been introduced in Jamaica, Barbados Trinidad and Tobago and St. Lucia.(JJ)