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Saboto takes oath as new Government Senator

Saboto takes oath as new Government Senator


If greatness wasn’t expected of him, Saboto Caesar would have all reason to be satisfied.

Last Tuesday at Government House, the 27-year-old Attorney took the oaths of office, secrecy and allegiance, as he was officially appointed as a Senator and Parliamentary Secretary.{{more}}

But greatness is expected, so he has only just begun his sojourn in the arena of politics, where nothing is guaranteed!

As he addressed a gathering of his family, government ministers, members of the SVG Teachers’ Union and The Windward Islands Farmers’ Association (WINFA), among others, Caesar articulated with the eloquence of a seasoned politician his desire to serve his people and make a contribution to the country of his birth.

He said that despite the many lucrative offers that he received after completing his studies, including in the Cayman Islands, he felt compelled to return home and give of himself to his country.

“When I sat down and consoled myself after consulting my conscience, as a National Scholar (in) 1999, and as a recipient of a banana scholarship, I thought that it would have been more than ungrateful…to abandon my people to build the country of another man,” Caesar said.

Caesar, a former Crown Counsel in the Attorney General’s chambers, also dispelled any concern that some may have regarding his age, noting the biblical teaching: “God calls young men because they are strong.”

He said that the youths of the country are the largest and most able sector within the economically active age group, adding that the bulk of the work of nation building falls on their shoulders.

Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves, when he spoke, said that Caesar’s appointment is part of the government’s policy of advancing young people.

“Let the young people soar like eagles with their wings unclipped,” Dr Gonsalves said.

He noted the appointment of his eldest son, Camillo Gonsalves, 35, as ambassador to the United Nations, making him the youngest person to hold that office, and Senator Rochelle Forde, who is the youngest Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly in the Commonwealth, as examples of this youth policy.

Dr Gonsalves also referred to Tourism Minister Glen Beache, who is still in his thirties, and “holds the second most important economic portfolio in the government, after that held by the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance.”

He said that it is from this list of young people that a successor to him will emerge, as they work hard, endear themselves to the people, and serve with distinction.

Recently appointed Chief Magistrate Sonya Young, also in her thirties, is also the youngest Chief Magistrate in the history of the Commonwealth Caribbean, Dr Gonsalves said.

Deputy Prime Minister Sir Louis Straker hailed Caesar’s achievements thus far, calling his step as a senator “noble”, and put it into the context of many young people at his age who have chosen a negative, unproductive path in life.

“There are many parents who are with broken hearts and sorrow (as they ) look at their children who have gone in the wrong direction, but today you have an excellent son, one you could feel proud off,” Sir Louis told Caesar’s parents, Lex and Valarie Caesar, of San Souci.

Senator Julian Francis also addressed the swearing in.

The ceremony was presided over by the Governor General’s Deputy, Monica Dacon, who told Caesar that while she did not know him, she has heard much of him. She said that she learns a lot from him by reading his weekly column in the SEARCHLIGHT newspaper.

When he announced Caesar’s appointment in Parliament last week, Dr Gonsalves said that his appointment had “future political implications”.

Caesar, who is currently pursuing studies leading to the award of the LL.M, majoring in Banking and Finance Law, has been widely tipped to replace Selmon Walters in the South Central Windward constituency in the next general election. His swearing in was witnessed by the ULP South Central Windward Constituency committee. (KJ)