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Eustace attacks Minister Beache’s performance


The New Democratic Party (NDP) says that Tourism Minister Glen Beache has been mishandling the tourism ministry as they claim he did to the portfolios of youth and sports.{{more}}

The NDP issued a press release last Wednesday, April 2, in which they said that they viewed the recent mini cabinet reshuffle by Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves last week Thursday, which saw Beache lose the youth and sports portfolios to Michael Browne, as “an admission that all is not well in this country.”

“Under Mr. Beache’s leadership, Tourism, Youth and Sports and Youth development has totally hit rock bottom,” the release states.

“His continued mishandling of tourism will no doubt see him relinquish that Ministry soon,” the release further says.

The NDP criticized what they termed to be the throwing around of the youth affairs portfolio, saying that the ULP “is only interested in the youth vote and not their progress in the society.”

The release further states that Minister Michael Browne lacks the exuberance to lead youth development and is “clearly on the way out.”

As they welcomed newest senator Saboto Caesar, the NDP called on the ULP administration to terminate the contracts of Hans Kings, Joseph Bonadie, former Commissioner of Police William Harry and Sir Vincent Beache, who they described as “hacks and incompetents.”

They also renewed their call for Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves to step aside.

“Dr Ralph Gonsalves should not be a member of Cabinet or leader in this country while he faces criminal proceedings before the court,’ the release states.

Meanwhile, Tourism Minister Glen Beache says Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace lacks knowledge about tourism, and only runs his mouth in an uninformed manner.

Beache was responding to claims made in the New Democratic Party (NDP) press release in which he (Beache) was said to be mishandling the Ministry of Tourism, having mishandled the portfolios of Youth and Sports.

The Tourism Minister told SEARCHLIGHT that this move had nothing to do with performance.

“All over the region, the Ministry of Tourism is usually a stand alone ministry,” Beache said.

He lashed out at Eustace’s inference as regards the youths, saying that Eustace wasn’t qualified to make any comment on the issue.

“I don’t know why Eustace will speak about youths when he has never asked a single question in Parliament of me on the issue,” Beache said.

He said that Eustace doesn’t address youth matters during his budget presentations.

Beache added that with regard to tourism, all numbers indicate that tourism is growing, and says that his work speaks for itself.

He highlighted a 20 per cent increase in cruise ship calls to St Vincent and the Grenadines, a growing yachting industry, and increased visitor spending, which crossed the $300 million mark for the first time last year, as proof of his performance as minister.

Beache said that he believes the NDP strategy of piggy backing on the Prime Minister’s announcement is just another tactic aimed at gaining political mileage.

“They see what they trying to do with the accusations against the Prime Minister is not working, so they jumping on this, but it wouldn’t work,’ Beache said.

He also said that he is also confident that his South Windward Constituency will never support the NDP. (KJ)