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Pastor presents Bible stories on CDs


On Thursday, March 20, 2008, Pastor Verrol Blake made a presentation of a two-disk CD of Bible stories titled “In na aawi oon languij” to the Ministry of Culture.{{more}}

The double CD holds 45 Bible stories recorded in the Vincentian dialect. This production is a project of the Association of Evangelical Churches of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and while recording was completed in September 2007, the launch of the CD was held back to coincide with Heritage Month this year. Pastor Blake is a Justice of the Peace and pastors the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Bible Church at Buccament Bay. He is also Director of Ambassadors for Christ.

Pastor Blake, in handing over copies of the CD to René Baptiste, Minister of Culture, pointed out that the project aimed to share the Bible stories in the Vincentian dialect as a way to “increase awareness of the richness of our culture and help with building pride in our identity”. It was this concern for pride in our Heritage that influenced the choice of Heritage Month for the launch of the CD. Pastor Blake indicated that as he has traveled around outside of the country he has recognized there is a lot of interest in our dialect. He hopes the CD will help to satisfy that interest. The CD is available at no charge from the Association of Evangelical Churches. Contact can be made through ph#: 457-7668 or email

The Minister thanked Pastor Blake for the CDs and expressed her approval of the Association of Evangelical Churches undertaking such a production. She was pleased that they were being proactive in their approach to Heritage Month.