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New positions for two senior public servants

New positions for two senior public servants


Members of the media were introduced to two new senior officials in the Ministry of National Mobilization, Social Development and Local Government.{{more}}

At a press conference held on Tuesday, head of the ministry Minister Mike Browne announced that Eli Francis and Denniston Douglas are heading departments in the ministry.

Francis is the new Acting Director of Social Development, replacing Miriam Roache, who has been promoted to the office of the Prime Minister.

Coming from the Inland Revenue Department, Francis will handle all technical aspects in the department.

Former Industrial Relations Officer in the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Teachers’ Union Douglas is now acting as the Local Government Officer.

He replaces the retired Alwyn Cupid.

Douglas will be involved in the restructuring of the Kingstown Town Board.

Both Francis and Douglas were considered eminently qualified by the Minister, not only in terms of academics, but also in terms of their track records as nation builders.

The Minister said that he is confident that both men will continue to develop and contribute to the group of qualified heads of departments in the Ministry. (JJ)