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GHS students urged to make the best of every opportunity

GHS students urged to make the best of every opportunity


by J. Soso-Vincent 28.MAR.08

Students have been warned about the risks of becoming sexually active at too young an age.

This warning came from consultant gynaecologist Dr Camille Nichols as she addressed students, parents and other well-wishers who had gathered to celebrate the academic and extra-curricular achievements of Girls’ High School students at the Methodist Church Hall last Thursday.{{more}}

An alumna of the GHS, Dr Nichols explained that sexual intercourse brings with it a certain “emotional trauma” that could distract them from their studies. Not to mention, she said, the risk of becoming pregnant and contracting STDs.

In an extremely well received presentation, Dr Nichols also gave words of encouragement in her remarks and spoke of her own experiences from secondary school through to postgraduate studies. She emphasised: “Today’s students have far greater opportunities than those which were available in our day”; therefore, they should make the most of them and strive to be their very best.

Nichols reminded the teenagers that, as the “cream of the crop”, they need to be mindful of wayward friends who might lead them astray. Nichols urged the girls to obey their parents as they only have their (children’s) best interests at heart. Similarly, she urged parents to be firm with their daughters but to give them some leeway at times, and trust them to make the right decisions. Dr. Nichols, in closing, reminded the girls to help each other, have faith in God and to persevere even when things become difficult. “Stay on course. Don’t be discouraged by low grades… don’t ever give up!”

Headmistress Andrea Bowman also had uplifting words for the students. She pressed upon them to always remember that their time spent at GHS would fully equip them to “…compete favourably with the best in the world”. She was also mindful that each student’s ‘best’ would not be on par with everyone else’s. Some students would naturally achieve more, whilst other students would remain average. Despite this, she reminded the audience that “We cannot elevate mediocrity beyond its rank”.

Students from Forms 1 to 4 (in the 2006/07 academic year) received awards and certificates for outstanding achievement in academics. Colette Charles received an award for gaining 12 CSEC passes, the most gained by any student. Kimeisha Bailey, Shernell Hadaway, Vadeesha John, Linicia Miller, Christal Oliver, Ainka Providence, Jozeene Springer and Veronique Walker all received awards for gaining 11 passes. Twenty-six students were presented with awards for gaining 10 passes and twenty-eight students received awards for 9 passes.

The Best All-Round Student was awarded in three sub-sections: Kayrel Edwards (Junior School), Meisha Charles (Middle School) and Roseanne Richardson (Fourth Form).

Awards were also presented for sport, music, drama and guiding.