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Charles Gibson – 100 not out

Charles Gibson – 100 not out


A visit to the Thompson’s home in Richmond Hill on Wednesday morning met Charles Gibson in front of the television watching his favourite sport: cricket, one day before his 100th birthday.{{more}}

Although the West Indies cricket team was on the verge of losing the first of two test matches against the visiting Sri Lanka, Charles was still cheering the team that he has supported all his life.

He admits that the team is a way off from the stature they once had, and believes that they may never regain their position at the top of the cricketing world.

Gibson reminisces about when the West Indies were kings; his favorite moment being the win over England when the Three W’s (Sir Frank Worrell, Sir Everton Weekes and Sir Clyde Walcott) were a force to be reckoned with.

The Grenadian born Gibson has lived here in St. Vincent since Hurricane Ivan ravaged his homeland in September 2004.

He intends to return home some day and replace the roof of his home as soon as it is possible.

Gibson also hopes to return to Grenada where he can continue farming, his livelihood ever since he left primary school.

Gibson farmed sugar cane during the heyday of the sugar industry, then turned to short crops when sugar production dwindled.

He boasted that he only ate food that he grew, and credits fresh food and vegetables as one of the reasons why he is still around.

Apart from fresh food, Gibson is sure to take his daily walk around the compound of the Thompson Home, which he said helps his heart and is good for his arthritis.

A Christian for the past 30 years, Gibson believes his faith in God is another reason for his longevity and he is confident that he will be around for another twenty years.

His biggest regret in life, (and he has had many) is that he had not given his life to Christ sooner, claiming that a life without Christ is no life at all.

He advises the younger generation to serve God and to respect their elders.

Apart from cricket, Gibson enjoys listening to spiritual music, reading his Bible and the Searchlight Newspaper.

He is the father of three children: Dante, who resides in England, Margaret in Canada and Elsie Fredrick, wife of local pastor and Insurance Executive George Frederick.

Before the death of his wife Patience in 1978, the couple had been married for more than thirty years.