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National Heroes Day Fiesta in Fancy

National Heroes Day Fiesta in Fancy


All roads led to the extreme North of the island on Friday, March 14, as the Fancy Farmers Cooperative staged an afternoon fiesta to commemorate National Heroes Day (NHD) 2008.{{more}}

Neighbouring villages, Owia, Sandy Bay, Overland, Point, Magum, teamed up with visitors from different parts of St. Vincent to celebrate NHD, as well as to savour the many cultural dishes available during the fiesta. On sale were doucana, boiled corn in callaloo soup, farine bam bam, goat water, plantain chips, bread nut, coconut dumplins, BBQ fish and chicken and other savoury dishes, … a gourmet’s delight!

The activities began with a word of prayer, followed by the National anthem and speeches by acting Prime Minister Mike Browne, MP for North Windward Montgomery Daniel and General Employees Cooperative Credit Union (GECCU) President Angela Martin. GECCU was also part sponsor of the event, and several senior members turned out to be part of the cultural experience.

The cultural activities took the form of a dramatization of a Shaker Baptist meeting, demonstration of the Punta, a traditional Garifuna dance, choral speeches by students of the Fancy Govt school, a performance by the Georgetown Secondary School band, performances by local musical stars Skarpyon and Abuza, rap poetry by students from Fancy and popular musical renditions by the Mustique Power Band.

This is the fourth consecutive year that cultural activities have been staged here in recognition and memory of National Hero Joseph Chatoyer, who was slain on March 14.