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Mayreau 4H Club hosted by Girls’ High Young Leaders


The Girls’ High School Young Leaders last weekend hosted 20 students from the Mayreau 4H Club. The students arrived in

St Vincent on Saturday, March 1st, and left on Tuesday, March 4th.{{more}}

For many of them it was their first trip to the mainland. They visited the Rabacca Bridge and were treated to lunch at the Balcombe estate. On Monday they journeyed to the Leeward coast.

Karissa Clarke, President of the Young leaders club, stated that while they were analyzing their team (Bridging the Gap, Building relationships for a better tomorrow) they realized there was a gap between the Grenadine Islands and St Vincent. She further said that there was a growing relationship between the GHS Young leaders and the Mayreau 4H.

The school, which has a three year relationship with the Mayreau 4H’s, thought that it would be a good idea to give the students a trip to St Vincent to show their “appreciation and help the friendship grow”.

Tesilia Ollivierre, a teacher at the Mayreau primary school, said that exercise was worthwhile and a good experience for the children. The students told Searchlight that they enjoyed their trip. (VM)