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Homecoming 2009 now in the planning process


A number of stakeholders here were involved in a planning exercise last week in relation to Homecoming 2009, the government strategy to have as many Vincentians who are abroad return home for the 30th anniversary of independence.{{more}}

The stakeholders represented community groups, the private sector, and several government Ministries, including those responsible for Culture, Education, Tourism and Rural Transformation.

The whole exercise is being driven by the Regional Integration and Diaspora Unit, headed by Ellsworth John, the former ambassador to the United States and the OAS.

The planning meeting has already decided to hold a number of community consultations, to brief community groups about Homecoming 2009, and to discuss their participation in this exercise.

Homecoming 2009 is expected to bring a number of benefits to St.Vincent and the Grenadines.

It will create an opportunity for Vincentians abroad to participate further in discussions aimed at creating new ideas and strategies to move the country forward. There will also be opportunities for investment, cultural development and general social interaction.

Already plans are being developed for a slogan competition at the national level.

Over the next two months, there will be a series of meetings aimed at finalizing the programme for Homecoming 2009, along with an operational plan and a marketing strategy.