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Grammar School Young Leaders host conference at Peace Mo

Grammar School Young Leaders host conference at Peace Mo


The St Vincent Grammar School Young Leaders on Tuesday, March 18th, hosted a conference at the Peace Memorial Hall, under the theme “Building Bridges across the Gaps in Society”.{{more}}

President of the group, Alex Veira, in his welcoming remarks, stated that conference was organized to “show that we are ready to take up the mantle of leadership.”

The forum included a number of speakers who dealt with several Gaps that exist in society, including: the Gaps between the Church and Society, Police and Society, Economic and Political Gaps.

Minister of Culture Rene Baptiste, while addressing the audience, gave a brief historical overview of the political division in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Baptiste said that she is saddened because of the way political life is viewed by young people of our country. “Politics is like your hand. There are two different sides,” she said. There are differences of opinion and we need to respect each other’s opinion, the Minister continued.

Opposition Senator St Clair Leacock in his presentation said that the things that unify us in St Vincent are “far greater than that the things that divide us”. He further said that leaders in the political parties are the ones who have to bridge the Gap.

The theme for this year’s Young Leaders competition is “Bridging the Gap, Building relationships for a better tomorrow”. (VM)