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From a Civilian to a Royal Naval Sailor

From a Civilian to a Royal Naval Sailor



Jozel Pompey, a determined and intelligent young woman, of Chauncey, has now been transformed from a civilian to a sailor. Jozel is a past student of Questelles Government School and the Emmanuel High School Kingstown. She is the wife of Conliffe (Bill) Pompey and the second born of three children to Winston and Carlita Haywood.{{more}}

Jozel, after acquiring her secondary education, joined the Communication, Information and Training Unit in the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. She spent ten years there. This is where she acquired a great deal of knowledge, skills and experience.

Jozel, seeking a better life for herself and her young family, left the Ministry of Agriculture on the 7th September 2007 to begin her 1st Phase of nine (9) weeks intensive training at HMS Raleigh, Torpoint, Cornwall. During her Phase 1 training, she showed that she had the potential and commitment to always do her best; she worked hard during the Dartmoor weekend amongst other team events, always giving one hundred per cent effort. She also did extremely well in her Weapon Handling Test, during her phase 1 training, and showed no reason why she should not have access to weapon systems appropriate to her level of training. Throughout her Naval training she scored an average of 90%, which bodes well for future in her professional training in Phase 2.

On completion of her Phase 1 training, she stayed at HMS Raleigh for another twelve weeks to pursue her professional career as a Logistician at the Defence Maritime Logistics School.

According to Chief Petty Officer Lynda Cooper (her Divisional Officer), Logistician Pompey is a thoroughly likeable and intelligent young lady who was focused and determined to do well throughout her professional course. “I believe she has a bright future ahead of her” said CPO Cooper. Professionally, she achieved a ‘Distinction’ in her final exams, which bodes well in the fleet.

Pompey takes this opportunity to first give Almighty God utmost thanks and praise and to encourage all young persons to make the Royal Navy their first career choice. The Navy is all about Self Discipline, Self Respect, Commitment, Determination and a lot of team work. It is not easy, but you have to believe in yourself, believe that you can make it if you just give your one hundred and ten percent effort.

Nothing good in life comes easy. I will also like to thank my husband, family and friends for all the support that they have given me over the past year to be able to achieve my goals.