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CXC reports improved CSEC exam results


The performance of candidates in the January 2008 sitting of the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations improved, when compared with 2007, according to a March 17 release from the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC).{{more}}

This year, 57 per cent of the entries achieved Grades I to III, compared with 51 percent of entries in 2007.

Office Administration and Social Studies were the two subjects with the best performance, with 84 percent and 81 percent of the entries achieving Grades I to III, respectively. In both cases, the performance was an improvement over 2007 when 75 percent and 71 percent of entries achieved Grades I to III, respectively.

Human and Social Biology recorded a significant improvement in performance this year, the third time the subject was being offered at the January sitting. Seventy-nine percent of the entries achieved Grades I to III, compared with 46 percent in 2007.

Last year’s trend of improved performances in all three Science subjects continued this year. Performance in Biology increased from 66 percent in 2007 to 68 percent; Chemistry recorded a two percent improvement, from 53 percent to 55 percent; and performance in Physics improved from 55 percent last year to 63 this year.

Both English and Mathematics recorded improved performance this year. Performance in Mathematics improved from 43 percent last year to 56 percent this year, while performance in English moved from 43 percent last year to 49 percent this year.

Subject entries and candidates’ entries declined slightly this year when compared with 2007. Forty thousand, five hundred and sixty-seven subject entries were received this year, compared with 40 705 in 2007, while 24 311 candidates registered for the examinations this year, compared with 24 833 in 2007.

The subjects with the largest entries were Mathematics 14 209, English A 13 0702, Principles of Business 2 232, Social Studies 2 230 and Human and Social Biology 2 143 entries. Twelve subjects were offered in the January sitting; eleven at General Proficiency and one at Technical Proficiency.