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CCL consultation yields results

CCL consultation yields results


Some 18 members of the Caribbean Copyright Link met here in St. Vincent from March 11-14, 2008. Their mission was clear, to set up a steering committee which would implement the formation of an agency to collect and distribute royalties to Vincentian composers and performers of music who register their works with the new agency.{{more}}

For weeks the publicity machine was in high gear, with ads in newspapers and with radio interviews urging artistes and everyone interested in music to attend the consultation. And, they did not disappoint.

Over 85 movers and shakers in the local music industry converged on the Methodist Church Hall. Facilitated by Chester Connell of Connell Consulting, it was heralded as one of the most well attended functions of its sort in St. Vincent.

Attendees heard from various collection agencies in the region stretching from Belize in the North to Trinidad in the south. Minister of Culture Rene Baptiste who is to be credited with piloting the progressive copyright legislation through Parliament, brought salutations and news of happenings in the culture industry locally, Derek Wilkie the chairman of COSCAP, out of Barbados, set the tone with his overview on what was to take place at the function. However, it was Brother Resistance, representing COTT, who connected most with the audience, entreating them to make the most of this opportunity to benefit from the business of music. CEO of COTT Allison Demas, COSCAP CEO Erica Smith, Steve Etienne, Otis Grant and WIPO representatives joined him to outline the way forward.

When all the dust had settled, a steering committee was elected. Chairman Joffre Venner is joined by Adrian Bailey, Mark Cyrus, Kenneth “Vibrating Scakes” Alleyne, Leonard Williams and Vynnette Frederick. The committee has been given a three-month time line within which to accomplish certain goals which will see Vincentian artistes, DJs, producers, musicians, writers, composers and performers protected under copyright and one step closer to reaping a financial benefit from their creative efforts.