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bMobile backs Easterval Union Island again

bMobile backs Easterval Union Island again


Union Island’s Easterval festival kicked off on Sunday, March 16, at the Ashton Sports Complex. For the 7th year, Cable & Wireless’ sub brand bMobile has been a major sponsor of the event. This year, the company invested just over $9,500 into the festival.{{more}}

This year, Easterval will feature a series of events, including a Sports Night, the Ms. Easterval pageant and for the first time the bMobile Wet N Wild party. bMobile will also be the main sponsors of the J’Ouvert and Street Jump which brings the entire festival to a close on Easter Monday. This year’s programme is being held under the theme of “Appreciate; Participate Together. Let’s Elevate Easterval 2008”.

Cable & Wireless, the only full service telecommunication provider, is also a major sponsor of the country’s premier festival Vincy Mas.