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Stubbs members to revive pan side

Stubbs members to revive pan side


On Saturday, 1st March, members of the South East Area Development Committee joined forces to clean up the site that formerly housed the Stubbs Community Library. The purpose of the clean up was to begin renovation of the site to house some 60 new pans forming the core of a project to revive pan in Stubbs.{{more}} This project is being funded by SIF (Social Investment Fund) and the Stubbs Community. Renovation is expected to cost over $20,000.00.

Earlier this year, the committee received permission to use the then abandoned building. The committee has also been busy obtaining pans from Trinidad. Some of the pans are already in the country, and the remaining pans are expected to arrive soon.

Over the years, the community of Stubbs was famous for its sweet pan, the most recent being the Night Train pan side. Many of the members have indicated their willingness to train new and younger members of the community to play pan.