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Prince: ‘Bomb threat was an unwanted test’


Director of National Emergency Management Office (NEMO) Howie Prince is of the view that the recent bomb scare at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital was “not a test they wanted to happen”. Prince made this disclosure at a Press conference held last Thursday 6th March 2008 at Central Police Station Conference room.{{more}}

On Thursday 6th March 2008, at about 9:30, an unidentified person called the hospital stating that there was a bomb scare. The called triggered an evacuation of the hospital.

Prince said that the greatest lesson NEMO learnt from the incident was “the need for proper planning so that institutions are in a position to respond appropriately. “He said that if proper plans were not in place, “We would have had total chaos at the hospital”.

He went on to say that persons must not take anything for granted. They need to know what plans are in place and what their roles should be.

Prince noted that about two weeks ago his organization had discussions with Senior Nurses during which they reviewed the hospital’s evacuation procedures in the event of a flood or fire.

“NEMO is there to assist institutions,” Price said. He said one thing they can’t do is tell persons what plans to work with. He claimed that they would be having a Business Continuity Training for business places so that businesses would have evacuation plans in case of emergency.(JJ)