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Noel family receives financial aid


John Chris Noel would have celebrated his 18th wedding anniversary with his wife Laurette earlier this month. Their son also turned 15 recently.{{more}}

Unfortunately, due to Lymphoma, a cancer that destroys the white blood cells, the 42-year-old father and husband was not around to celebrate these dates.

Noel died last October 6th, and left behind a wife, son, and nine year old daughter, along with many friends and well wishers.

Noel also left behind a huge medical bill, which was racked up while he received treatment at the Brampton Civic Hospital in Ontario, Canada.

On Monday March 3rd, the local Gospel Festival Committee made good on efforts to reduce the bill, estimated at over EC $110,000.

The committee, through a pledge concert in November last year, handed over a cheque of EC$29,030 to Noel’s older brother Noel Jackson, who received it on behalf of Noel’s family.

On presenting the cheque, chairman of the National Gospel Festival Committee Fidel Taylor indicated that the Committee was honored to be a part of the fund raising effort, because of Noel’s contribution to his faith.

Noel, a devout Christian dedicated himself to the church.

He was an elder and lay preacher, and also a supporter of the church’s paramilitary group The Crusaders.

On accepting the cheque, Jackson thanked the committee, performers and the public on behalf of the family, for contributions to the effort.

The $29,030 exceeded the $23,210 that was pledged on the actual day of the concert, and there is still $10,000 outstanding that was pledged by the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Jackson indicated that the medical expenses are just one of the many bills Mrs. Noel would have to honour, and that the assistance given would greatly ease the financial burden.(JJ)