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National Heritage and Heroes Day extravaganza


The village of Greiggs will play host to this year’s commemoration of National Heritage and Heroes Day. This one of a kind extravaganza will take place tomorrow, March 14th.{{more}}

The Greiggs Playing Field will be given a makeover to resemble that of a Garifuna Tribal Village, complete with several huts surrounding a central bonfire. The bonfire will be lit at sundown, and each hut will have its own lit lantern and flambeau.

The Old School Hall will house a Heritage Day Fair, which will feature the history of group activity in a photo gallery called “History in Living Colour”. From midday, the festivities will escalate with a Cultural and Talent Package in the Old Primary School Yard. Awards will be presented to outstanding persons (in Greiggs), and individuals will be honoured for their past and present contributions to the culture of Greiggs and the enrichment of its heritage.

A bouncing castle will also be available for younger children and locally produced indigenous food will be served all day from a food stall at the Community Centre.

Each of these locations will have a unique theme.

Coordinator of the Greiggs Garifuna Council and the New Tribal Generation John Nero is hopeful that this celebration “…will serve to sensitise the people of Greiggs and St Vincent and the Grenadines of the diversity and dynamism of the Garifuna Culture and Heritage”.

A special invitation is extended to the public.(JSV)