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Slow response to fill Rural Constable vacancies


The law to protect farmers’ livestock and produce is in place, but sadly there are problems getting people to enforce the law.{{more}}

After many announcements and advertisements, Commissioner of Police (COP) Keith Miller said that only five persons have applied for the 20 rural constables, posts that were created to help police the Agriculture Produce and Livestock Act (prevention of Theft), which was enacted on February 01st, 2008.

He was speaking at a Ministry of Agriculture press conference last Monday, where agriculture officials spoke about the farmers’ registration drive, including the issuing of identification cards, which will begin on March 10th.

The COP said that persons who are interested are exempted from the Police service’s regular academic requirements, and it will be a plus if the persons applying are from the rural areas targeted.

Some of these areas include Georgetown, Sandy Bay, Vermont, Chateaubeliar and Rose Hall.

Chief Agricultural Officer (ag), Reuben Robertson, explained that the farmers’ registration programme, along with the other measures like the compulsory issuing of receipts for the trading of agricultural produce and livestock, are key to ensuring that persons are made accountable for livestock and agricultural produce in their possession. (KJ)