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Schools in Battle of the Readers


The battle of the readers was staged on Tuesday, February 26, 2008, when nine schools between Greggs and Byrea, in the Union Zone, held their reading extravaganza at the Colonarie Resource Centre to culminate the Hats off to Reading Programme.{{more}}

Guest speaker Cleopatra Jackson, in her address to the students, noted that when you read, new friendships can develop. She stated that she has made some long lasting friendships through reading, one of which is Shakespeare, who has taught her a number of things. Jackson said that “reading is a gift and a skill” which lasts for a life time. She asked parents to read with their children and buy books instead of toys. She advised teachers to continue to help children, especially slow learners. She noted that if every child learns to read there won’t be any need for “adult and continuing education”.

Kay Martin- Jack, Education Officer responsible for Literacy, in her opening remarks, told students that reading is a basic life skill and that they must learn to understand and appreciate reading. “It is the corner-stone for your success” she stated. (VM)