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Pre-schoolers visit Searchlight

Pre-schoolers visit Searchlight


With faces as bright and eager as ‘searchlights’, 13 toddlers from the Level Garden Daycare and Pre-School, accompanied by their Nursery Teachers, paid a visit to the SEARCHLIGHT on Tuesday morning.{{more}}

They were given a tour of the premises, and staff members explained what their roles were to the children. They showed a keen interest in the production room, in particular, the computers, perhaps a sign of budding Graphic Artists and Journalists amongst them, who could look forward to joining the SEARCHLIGHT staff in the future.

Nursery Teacher Desiree Wales highlighted the importance of the pre-schoolers’ visits to various business places. She is of the belief that in “…exposing them to the different occupations available”, from a young age, it will fuel and maintain their desire and interest in learning. (JSV)