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DPP explains decision to discontinue murder case


Director of Public Prosecutions Colin Williams has said that last week’s decision to discontinue the case against Francis ‘Prickle’ Williams was a matter of principle.{{more}}

In a press release issued on February 28, the DPP stated that the prosecution, led by Gilbert Peterson QC, determined that the remaining evidence was not enough to secure a conviction against Williams, after trial Judge Justice Fredrick Bruce-Lyle refused to allow an alleged oral confession made by the accused on April 29th in relation to murder of Glenn Jackson.

Jackson, the then Press Secretary to Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, was found shot to death two years and two days ago in his vehicle outside his home in Cane Garden.

Williams said in the release that “The prosecution was required to ask the question which must be posed in every case: based on the evidence, was there a realistic prospect of conviction?”

“As in previous cases and as no doubt will arise in the future, unless that question can be answered affirmatively, then the prosecution ought not and cannot be maintained.”

The release further went on to state that the seriousness of the offence and the prominence of the victim or accuser cannot take precedence over the fact that a conviction cannot be reached.

Recently, the DPP refused to pursue rape allegations against the Prime Minister, citing lack of evidence.

Francis Williams’ murder charge was dismissed after Justice Bruce-Lyle determined evidence given by investigating police officers was inadmissible. (JJ)