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Belgians to produce Birthday Twins film

Belgians to produce Birthday Twins film



Have you ever wondered what your life would have been like if you had been born in another part of the world? Now, Vincentians are being given the opportunity to find out.{{more}}

Belgian television production company Woestijnvis ( is looking for birthday twins in St Vincent and the Grenadines who were born on exactly the same day and who have the same gender as 20 Belgians selected for the project.

The “Birthday Twins Project” seeks to find a diverse group of individuals from different nationalities, ethnicities, social backgrounds, professions, faith.

Woestijnvis will produce a documentary portraying lives in parallel of people who have nothing in common except for their date of birth and sex, in an attempt to answer the question: “What would my life have been if I would have been born in another part of the world?”

The documentary is being produced exclusively for Belgian National Television.

According to Annelore De Donder , “This way, we could give the Belgian and – in a later stage – European – audience an insight in Caribbean way of life, as seen through the eyes of a first witness. The portrayal of an islander next to a Belgian person of the exact same age would, therefore, be quite fascinating and enriching for us, Belgians, as we are not all that familiar with the country’s customs and traditions. A comparison between their opinions on and experiences in life could give our documentary an extra dimension, we believe.”

She said if they find men and women in St Vincent and the Grenadines with the birth dates they are looking for, they would contact these individuals in order to ask them a couple of questions.

“An interview could allow us to learn more about them. Eventually, we will make a selection of the most interesting “birthday twins”. Our ultimate goal is to visit the selected “birthday twin” in their home country and film both the Belgian

woman or man and his/her twin during their daily life … for a couple of days. Gradually, and as the conversations progress, differences or parallels in their lives will become apparent,” she said.

People who are interested can contact Woestijnvis at: or telephone them in Belgium at 0032 2 303 35 88.

The Belgian women they have selected were born on these dates:

5 April 1943
2 May 1950
20 July 1963
24 March 1964
26 March 1975
27 December 1979
24 July 1982

The Belgian men they have selected were born on these dates:

29 April 1933
18 July 1948
19 July 1948
20 August 1949
11 February 1952
18 January 1956
5 May 1956
30 December 1960
24 July 1962
14 January 1965
27 January 1965
5 October 1968
5 February 1969
1 December 1971
3 May 1981