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ULP launches its FM radio station

ULP launches its FM radio station


Stepping to the speakers’ podium to the song ‘No One’ by pop singer Alicia Keys, and serenaded by the hundreds of supporters there to witness the launch of FM radio station STAR FM, Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves addressed the gathering at what can be called a preliminary to Sunday’s ULP support rally.{{more}}

The Prime Minister, visibly overwhelmed by the applause and cheers just before he spoke at the station’s inaugural live broadcast, thanked well wishers and supporters who provided solidarity, support and solace through a very challenging period.

He declared that the party and its leadership are stronger and more loved today in spite of the gossip and innuendo that are circulating.

“Our people are good natured, but take exception to attempts by persons who engage in conspiracies and persecute people.”

“I am strong, but it is your strength and your support that make the party and its leadership even stronger.”

Responding to calls for him to step aside while allegations of rape take their course through the legal system, Gonsalves reiterated that he has no intention of doing any such thing.

He also stated that persons calling for him to end his life would fare no better with him out of the political picture.

“Allegations did not put me in office. Real flesh and blood people with dignity put me in office, and those who wish to remove me have a rendezvous with me on the next date when I as Prime Minister advise His Excellency the Governor-General on the dissolution of this Parliament.”

“I know some have wished me the worst. I even understand that I should be dead and some have even suggested the modes by which my life should be terminated. I say this: If per chance that I am to be taken to Abraham’s bosom, what will happen? There will be a by-election in the constituency of North Central Windward, and there will still be 12 seats, and there will still be a Unity Labour Party Prime Minister; namely Sir Louis Straker.”

Dr. Gonsalves said that the newly launched station will not be a substitute to already existing broadcast media, but an additional voice to the further strengthen the leadership and membership of the Unity Labour Party.

He promised that the station, which broadcasts on frequencies 98.3 and 104.7, would maintain a very high standard of conduct on the air.

The studios are located at the Murray Heights Hotel at Mckies Hill. (JJ)