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Pan Against Crime campaign gets going

Pan Against Crime campaign gets going


A preacher has warned against what he calls the littering of the mind, as he made the point that things like the movies watched and the music listened to can influence our behaviour.{{more}}

Methodist Minister Reverend Earl Watson captivated the large crowd that gathered on Friday, February 22nd, at Heritage Square, for the launch of the Pan Against Crime (PAC) campaign.

He noted that while many may not want to accept it, sin is the root cause of the wickedness that is done by mankind.

The PAC campaign that was the brain child of Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves is organized by the Ministries of National Security and Culture, along with the Youlou Pan Movement and the Social Investment Fund (SIF).

Five communities, including the Grenadine islands of Canouan and Union Island, received $100,000 grants from SIF for the development of pan sides.

The other communities are Greggs/Lauders, Stubbs, and South Leeward. Over the next 18 months, five more communities will receive similar grants.

The PAC programme will include intensive training programmes in the art of steel pan playing, and the programme will also be used to instill necessary discipline in the youths involved.

Commissioner of Police Keith Miller encouraged youths to get involved in activities which are positive rather than allow themselves to be used by drug barons.

During his address, Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves said that more innovative programmes will be twinned with crime fighting to ensure that the crime levels are kept in check. He also encouraged all facets of society to get involved in crime prevention, including the media and cultural organizations.

Minister of Culture René Baptiste also addressed the ceremony.