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NDP calls on church leaders to speak out

NDP calls on church leaders to speak out


Church leaders have been criticized over their handling of the rape allegations that have been levied against Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves by a female police officer.{{more}}

At a rally held at Hollywood, Sharpes, last Saturday evening, two New Democratic Party (NDP) officials questioned the church’s response.

“When you go to church, challenge your leaders,” said Senator Daniel Cummings, as he suggested that church leaders should have spoken out on the matter.

“You owe it to your (church) leaders to remind them that they are supposed to be leaders, they suppose to be examples for you to follow, and they must not make financial rewards, and they must not make gifts from others lead them into violating their sacred trust to us as a people and most importantly to the Almighty,” Cummings said.

NDP spokesman Elwardo “EG” Lynch was more direct in his attack.

“If you listen the services, if you listen the Monday night programme with Frederick (Rev George Frederick) and Clarke (Rev Noel Clarke) on your TV, nothing. It seems as though they are telling the man go ahead, we are behind you,” Lynch said.

However, Rev Clarke who, along with Rev. Frederick, hosts the Pentecostal Assemblies of the West Indies’ sponsored programme Encounter, dismissed Lynch’s charge as unfounded.

Rev Clarke told SEARCHLIGHT that he and Rev. Frederick are preachers of the gospel and not politicians.

He further said that they operate on the premise that someone is innocent until proven guilty.

Rev Clarke also said that they will not prejudge anyone, and gave the assurance that if Dr Gonsalves is found guilty of any crime, he will take the moral stance on the issue.