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ICT Programme Launched

ICT Programme Launched


In the view of Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves, “The European Union (EU) is arguably our most important strategic partnership for developmental assistance.” The Prime Minister made this proclamation last week at a ceremony to launch the Information and Communication Technology (ITC) development programme Special Framework of Assistance 2005.{{more}}

The Prime Minister also gave an overview of the different components of the economy and outlined the government’s plan to transform the economy into a modern, more competitive one.

In fashioning a modern post colonial economy, St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) will use the EU 4.5 Million Euro grant to further economic diversification and create new jobs in the agricultural and other productive sectors.

Emphasis will be placed on developing an ICT programme that will create the appropriate environment and attract the pool of talent necessary to make it effective and sustainable. Special emphasis will also be placed on developing small businesses. As part of this, a building will be constructed at Diamond to house business incubators.

STIENBEIS GmbH & C. KG fur Technologietransfer, a German consortium, will set up and manage the e-business incubators.

The SFA 2005 grant will benefit this country’s current agricultural programme, with specific emphasis on the diversification of the Banana industry.

Along with leadership and business skills development, the development of legislative and regulatory framework, business oriented e-government initiatives and networking and experience sharing will be financed by the grant.

In his remarks, Minister of Telecommunications, Science and Technology Dr Jerrol Thompson gave a passionate overview of the work that has been going on in ICT since his government came into office. Thompson gave high praise to PM Gonsalves for his leadership, inspiration and confidence in him.

Head of infrastructure to the EU Delegation to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean Sergio Marinelli noted that SVG is way ahead of the other Windward Islands, with whom the grant of EC$60 Million is shared. He also said that the EU will also provide support in implementation, advice and guidance and short term expertise.

The project is being coordinated by Charmane Tappin-John. The office is located in the Kingstown Cooperative Credit Union (KCCU) building on Granby Street in Kingstown.