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Cable & Wireless St Vincent launches new bill


Cable & Wireless – St. Vincent and the Grenadines Limited announced this week the launch of its New Style Bill.

According to Chief Financial Officer, Lydia Courtney-Francis, customers should see a reduction in the number of pages they will receive.{{more}}

The “Account at a Glance” section is an entirely new section of the bill. This shows the customer a summary of discounts, reward points, carryover minutes, payments, charges and services. With this section, the customer is able to see at a glance the total for every service and the associated tax, without having to perform any calculations. In other words, if you have 3 services, each one will be listed individually with a subtotal and the associated tax.

The CFO indicated that this will definitely save time for their customers.

The press release also indicated that there are over 25 Cable & Wireless payment centres across the country. They encouraged customers to use the payment centres closest to them for convenience; these centres are listed on the reverse side of the first page of the bill.

Customers were also reminded that they can sign up for free, e-billing at