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Bomb threat clears School of Nursing

Bomb threat clears School of Nursing


The routine sounds of shouts and orders from drill sergeants and recruits at the Old Montrose Police Station were interrupted earlier this week by the shrieks and screams of terrified nurses and staff of the adjacent School of Nursing.{{more}}

On Tuesday morning, at approximately 8:35 am, the students, who were preparing to write their examination in Emergency Nursing, were jolted from their seats when the word came from Sister Luanne Small, a lecturer at the school, that she had just received a phone call saying that there was a bomb in the building.

The more than 100 students, lecturers, and staff took refuge at the police training centre across the street, where the relevant authorities were informed.

As police were dispatched to the scene, the nearby National AIDS Secretariat building was evacuated, while members of the Special Services Unit and their bomb sniffing dog combed the buildings looking for explosive devices.

No such device was found, and after about two hours of waiting, occupants of both buildings were given the all clear to return.

While there was no difficulty in occupants of the NAS getting back to business, the registered nurses, midwives and staff of the School of Nursing were somewhat reluctant to re enter the premises.

Acting Senior Nursing Officer Sister Roxanne Stowe indicated that the experience was traumatic for some of her students, who were visibly shaken by the ordeal.

She said that some may require counseling, which will be provided, if requested.

Arriving at the scene shortly after the all clear was given was Health Minister Douglas Slater, who came to show his concern and support.

Slater said that the act of making prank calls such as these was ridiculous and disruptive.

This is not the first time that a telephone call of this nature has been made to the School of Nursing; last October, during examinations, a similar threat was called in, but as with Tuesday’s episode, a thorough search by the police bomb unit uncovered nothing.