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PM: I forgive those who trespass against me

PM: I forgive those who trespass against me


Breaking the ice at a meeting with Vincentian students at the Mona Campus of the University of the West Indies on Valentine’s night, February 14, Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves delved straight into allegations of rape brought against him, stating he forgives those who ‘trespass against’ him, but will be seeking justice.{{more}}

“Many of you would have heard of an allegation made against me, the action privately by some lawyers, the action by the Director of Public Prosecution. Basically, I am ok,” said Dr.Gonsalves.

The Prime Minister used the opportunity to inform the gathering at the Mary Seacole Conference Centre that the two statements he made on the matter, as well as the one made by Colin Williams, Director of Public Prosecutions, could be seen on the Government’s website:

To a round of applause from students, Dr.Gonsalves emphatically stated: “I just want to say to you that the allegations are false and that I am fine. I am focused and I am doing my work.”

“You may say to yourself, people who make allegations like that, false allegations, that you will be bitter, but I have never been bitter about anything. Every single day I say my prayers, and among the things that I say, I ask for forgiveness for my trespasses and I forgive those who trespass against me,” said Dr. Gonsalves. He added, “it

doesn’t mean that I do not seek justice, but if I have bitterness and hatred I can’t live. I can’t do things which I have to do”.

“I want to make the additional point that those who wish to make allegations and ride on those allegations and ask for me stepping aside, resign or something like that, I was elected by people.

I was not put here on allegations or counter allegations, and I will deal with everything as I’ve always dealt with

them, appropriately and transparently, and when the dust is settled on this, you all would wonder how is it people could have sought to do to me what they are trying to do to me.”

The Prime Minister said that since the allegations had been levelled at him, the most difficult moment was having to tell his three children, all attending schools in St.Vincent, what the allegations were. He noted “I’ve since gone past it”.

“I am a very strong person, and when other people around me would lose their heads, I don’t lose mine. The worst thing that can happen to me is death, and I am alive,” Dr.Gonsalves stated.

“That’s all I am saying on it, and as things roll out, you will see more and more what I will do, not just what I will say,” said the Prime Minister, adding that he was not going “to answer questions on whatever legal matter is before the Court”.

Dr.Gonsalves also brought students up to date with developments on the International Airport project, the Windward Highway, his plans for a modern post-colonial economy, the Education Revolution and plans to construct a modern city at Arnos Vale as well as a tunnel from the bottom of the air strip at the E.T Joshua Airport to Kingstown, to facilitate an easier flow of traffic. The latter two he noted, with optimism, will be pursued during his next term.

On a lighter note, the Prime Minister told the students that he had successfully lost 42 pounds since his April 9, 2007, accident at Argyle through dieting and exercise. He noted that he is feeling healthier and enjoying it.